The foolish Yoruba rulers( they don’t deserve to be called leaders)who sold us to Northerner hegemony. We’ve protected the Northerners at our own detriment. A northerner cares about nobody else but himself and his people. The Obas lost all respect and voice. The Ooni of Ife, is useless. He rubbished his title, and position.
The Yoruba muslims put Islam first, the connection they have with Fulanis/Hausas before humanity and their heritage. Yet Northern muslims see them as inferior. It’s laughable at this point.
There’s division among Yorubas, the ones in this picture are not any different from Northerner elites. They share same interest with Northerners. Then ones like osinbajo. Then a group of yorubas are not moved by religion, nepotism but true justice and equality.
In as much as I don’t agree with some things about Obasanjo, he’s the only Yoruba leader who has tried to unite the country. He’s made his own mistakes, but he has the country’s interest at heart.

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