You see why this generation is so fucked up, you see why marriages keep falling apart, you see why there’s high rate of divorce now! Should this even be a question? Your husband chop finish to carry plate for am go kitchen na wahala, Well lemme just advice the sensible ladies out there…
Don’t allow this feminists tell you how to live your lives, always know most feminist are broken, frustrated, senseless and bitter, the truth still remains a woman can never be equal to a man… How many females can go to war? How many females can withstand the pressure men withstand every single day.. Stop letting these stupid feminists tell you how to live your life.
Most of our mothers are still with our fathers till date not bcos of anything but because they love and respected each other. Stop letting society decide what you do in your homes. Be wise. Marriage is all about sacrifices, compromises, and a whole lot of understanding. A word is enough for the wise.

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