A lot of people that comment on social media are quite illiterate. Especially on this lib. Please do your maths. The pictures are from the ’90’s; this means between 20-29 years ago. Kim is 38 now so at the very most, she was 18 years in the pictures or even way less. If we go by the mode of dressing (baggy , drop jeans; those were the Kris Kross group and co days. So she was probably about 11/12
At that age, what hips are you all expecting to see? For morons that keep going on about plastic surgery, even when you read something on lib, try to improve on your knowledge by using the Google search engine . Except you do a total facial reconstruction; plastic surgery cannot make you beautiful if you were born ugly. See JOAN RIVERS(RIP ).
Also Google Armenians; they are top 5 most beautiful people in the world. But I don’t blame you all, your only knowledge of anything foreign or even local is whatever Linda serves you.

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