Make Your Money Work for You | Farmstripe

At some point in our lives, everyone has wondered (or will wonder) ‘how to make money while sleeping’, ‘how to create passive income’, ‘how to make (more) money’; the truth is that the majority of us go through schools and jobs primarily because we want to make enough money to fund the lifestyles of our dreams. While there are no shortcuts to success and wealth, there are opportunities to create and automate easy wealth creation. Investing in agriculture – without owning or running a farm yourself – is one of such opportunities.

Farmstripe is an agro-tech company that offers individuals and businesses an opportunity to fund farms for a fixed return. The company was established to provide a means of empowerment to farmers in order to maximize their potential yield. Farmstripe also presents an opportunity to make a 20-30% return at different cycles and hopes that by involving the private sector in the agriculture process, we will achieve food security. This will send a ripple effect on poverty alleviation, job security, and hunger-reduction.

7 Months ago, Farmstripe launched its first beta farm of 450 units at the rate of N50,000 per unit with a return of 30% in 6 months; that cycle has been completed, all sponsors have been credited and they have amazing testimonies to share.

At the moment, Farmstripe is open again with one of the best deals on the block – offering individuals the opportunity to sponsor Soybeans farm for N50,000 per unit with a return of 30% in 7 months. In all honesty, this offer makes interest from treasury bill, mutual funds, fixed deposit account, and savings account look like a joke.

The best part about this is that our farms are insured by Leadway assurance.

It is a game of fastest fingers as only about one thousand six hundred and eighty units (1680) are up for grabs. Missing out on an opportunity like this is like missing out on an all-expense-paid trip to a dream vacation spot.

Get your money working for you. Sponsor a farm now